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The Jolly Rally

World cruising is an amazing way to visit different countries and experience other cultures for all ages and we don't want Covid19 to prevent people from living their dreams and having this opportunity. 

We believe sailing is the safest way to travel at the moment as we spend large amounts of time isolated at sea on passage between countries and can carry out quarantine onboard.

We are currently in contact with many countries throughout the Atlantic and Pacific to create a safe sailing route for yachts currently stuck in various countries around the world.


Have you been dreaming of going cruising but not yet taken the plunge? We want to help you take the first steps.

We hope to provide inspiration to others by setting the example that it's still possible to pursue the cruising lifestyle even in this difficult time.

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you. Even if you are far away from our current route, we may be able to help out

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